Scene Scenario


[rapid_quiz question=”Whilst walking along you see a person who has fallen down some steps and is possibly unconscious. What should you do first?” answer=”Check the surroundings and evaluate the situation” options=”Check the surroundings and evaluate the situation|Ring the Emergency services|Go find someone else to talk about it” notes=”It is important to evaluate what has happened so that you can call the emergency services”]


[rapid_quiz question=”Upon driving home from work you see a car accident. The best thing to do is to rush in and drag the person from the car” answer=”False” options=”True|False” notes=”False, the extent of the persons injury is unknown. By removing them from the car this could indeed cause more injury”]

[rapid_quiz question=”You are on a scene where the person is unconscious. As the person is unconscious you don’t need to introduce yourself” answer=”False” options=”True|False” notes=”You should always introduce yourself! “]