Introduction to First Aid Quiz

[rapid_quiz question=”We place a breathing unconscious patient in the _________ position.” answer=”Recovery” options=”Recovered|Recovery|Flat” notes=”We must place an unconscious patient in the recovery position”]

[rapid_quiz question=”If possible you should use a face mask or barrier before performing CPR” answer=”True” options=”True|False” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”If a person is unconscious on the floor what should you do first?” answer=”Check surroundings and evaluate the situation” options=”Call emergency services|Check surroundings and evaluate the situation|Go find someone else to help the person” notes=”You must check the potential risks and evaluate the surroundings before contact the emergency services”]

[rapid_quiz question=”What mnemonic can help when coming in to contact with someone who requires first aid?” answer=”DR ABC” options=”DR DEF|DR ABC|DR TED” notes=”DR ABC which stands for Danger, Respond, Airway, Breathing & Circulation “]