About NVQs

In a significant development back in 2017, the Automatic Door Installation Association (ADIA) collaborated with CSCS to enable its members to acquire the blue CSCS Skilled Workers card upon completing the BS EN16005 course, accredited by City & Guilds. This course was rigorously compared to the NVQ standards and established to uphold the same level of excellence.

However, by January 2020, new regulations mandated that these CSCS cards would only be issued to individuals who had completed the BS EN16005 prior to this date or those who had successfully achieved both the NVQs and the ADIA BS EN16005. This regulatory change prompted ADIA to become an NOCN centre, enhancing our capabilities to deliver these qualifications.

To address this, ADIA has developed a straightforward, efficient, and cost-effective system to ensure members not only receive their qualifications but also undergo BS EN16005 training, still endorsed by City & Guilds.

NOCN_Cskills Awards Level 2 NVQ Diploma

The NOCN_Cskills Awards Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Specialist Installation Occupations (Construction) – Door, Gate and Shutter Systems Installation and Maintenance is an exemplary pathway for individuals aiming to develop fundamental, enabling, and transferable skills in this specialised field. It focuses on delivering comprehensive practical skills alongside vital theoretical knowledge across several mandatory units.

One of the key advantages of this qualification is its accessibility. There are no formal prerequisites required to embark on this pathway, making it an excellent opportunity for both novices and those without prior training in this sector to begin a career in the installation and maintenance of door, gate, and shutter systems.

Upon successful completion of this NVQ Diploma, learners will have not only mastered the practical and theoretical aspects required for entry-level roles but also demonstrated competence that paves the way for further education and career advancement in related fields. This could potentially lead to supervisory or management positions within the industry.

The industry recognises this qualification as a robust foundation for direct entry into various job roles, highlighting its value and effectiveness in preparing learners for immediate employment and long-term career development.

Training and Assessment: Fully Digital and Convenient

Our training and assessment processes are entirely managed by ADIA staff, leveraging digital platforms or telephone communications to facilitate a seamless experience. Members can expect to create a digital portfolio and engage in detailed discussions about their professional skills and experiences.

Paths to NVQ Certification

Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Specialist Installation Occupations (Construction) – Door, Gate and Shutter Systems- Installation and Maintenance
The steps to certification include:

  • Completing the BS EN16005
  • Completing the ADIA Health & Safety Test at no extra charge.
  • Filling out the ADIA NVQ Application form.
  • Making an initial payment upon application.
  • Registering with NOCN and completing an induction to align on qualification standards.
  • Building your portfolio with evidence from your work, culminating in a final assessment and payment.

Upon meeting the necessary standards, your portfolio is verified, and the NVQ assessing board will issue your certification. Once both the ADIA BS EN16005 and the NVQ are complete, you will receive your CSCS card.