The Likelihood of Risk Quiz

[rapid_quiz question=”Within the workplace there are high noise levels (noise is the hazard) around machinery and it is difficult to hear people speaking. Within this area people are required to wear hearing protection at all times. What do you think is the likelihood of harm?” answer=”Unlikely” options=”Very unlikely|Unlikely|Likely|Almost certain” notes=”Unlikely”]

[rapid_quiz question=”A member of staff has been under pressure from the employer to meet deadlines. The workload has been very heavy and no support has been offered. The employee has now called in sick, stating ‘stress’ to be the cause. What do you think is the possible severity of the illness in this case? ” answer=”Major injury or illness” options=” First aid injury or illness|Minor injury or illness|3 day injury or illness|Major injury or illness” notes=”Major injury or illness”]

[rapid_quiz question=”Who can carry out risk assessments?” answer=”All of the above” options=” Competent people | Health and safety professionals| Management|All of the above” notes=”All of the above can carry out risk assessments”]

[rapid_quiz question=”The five possibilities of likelihood are:” answer=”Very unlikely, unlikely, likely, very likely, almost certain” options=”Very unlikely, unlikely, likely, very likely, almost certain|Very unlikely, possible, uncertain, likely very likely| Impossible, very unlikely, possible, likely, almost certain” notes=”the five are Very unlikely, unlikely, likely, very likely, almost certain”]