Learner Induction Sign Off

Please fill out the below form only after you have had the introduction phone call with the NVQ Assessor.

  • I have received the learner information pack containing the following discussion points.

    1. Learner Responsibilities

    2. Access to Fair Assessment Policy

    3. Appeals Policy

    4. Complaints Policy

    5. Contingency Plan for Continuation Policy

    6. Data Protection Policy

    7. Disability Discrimination Policy

    8. Documentation Retention and Secure Storage

    9. Early Leavers Policy

    10. Equality & Diversity Policy

    11. Health & Safety Policy

    12. Internal Quality Assurance Responsibilities

    13. Learner Identification Policy

    14. Malpractice, Maladministration and Plagiarism Policy

    15. Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy

    16. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL Policy)

  • Learner: The above points have been discussed by my assessor along with MIAP information and I understand what is involved within my NVQ.

    The Appeals, Equal Opportunities and Compliment / Complaints Policy have been explained to me and I fully understand the procedures.

    I am aware of my rights, responsibilities and available actions.

  • Please sign here