Health & Safety Awareness Video Quiz

[rapid_quiz question=”How many people are killed each year in accidents at work?” answer=”200″ options=”90|105|200″ notes=”200 people are killed in the UK due to accidents in the work place”]

[rapid_quiz question=”How many people suffer illnesses caused by, or made worse by, their work?” answer=”2 million” options=”10|5,000|2 million” notes=”There are 2 million illnesses caused by or made worse by people’s work”]

[rapid_quiz question=”It is an employers duty to tell its employees about health and safety risks in their current or proposed working practices” answer=”True” options=”True|False” notes=”True!”]

[rapid_quiz question=”An employer should tell it’s employees how to get first aid treatment” answer=”True” options=”True|False” notes=”True!”]

[rapid_quiz question=”Manual handling accidents account for more than __________ of all accidents reported” answer=”a third” options=”an eighth|a third|a quarter” notes=”Manual handling accidents account for more than a third of all accidents reported”]