Fire Precautions 2 Quiz

[rapid_quiz question=”Water extinguishers can be used to extinguish most fires except those involving flammable liquids or live electrical apparatus” answer=”True” options=”True|False” notes=”The statement is true”]

[rapid_quiz question=”Dry powder extinguishers are suitable for fires involving flammable liquids or electrical apparatus” answer=”True” options=”True|False” notes=”This statement is true”]

[rapid_quiz question=”Which one of the following is not included in an emergency plan?” answer=”The fire triangle” options=” Where people should assemble after leaving the workplace|How people will be warned if there is a fire| Fire fighting equipment that is provided|The fire triangle” notes=”There is no fire triangle in the emergency plan”]

[rapid_quiz question=”What is the minimum frequency recommended for practising fire drills?” answer=”One year” options=”3 months|One year|At the discretion of management|2 years” notes=”Fire drills should practised once a year at a minimum”]